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RECIPE™ Analytics


RECIPE™ Analytics is near real time, utility independent information about your facility’s energy use, cost forecast, cost and Power Quality based on revenue grade metering and the actual tariff at the meters.


Your utility bills, our concern.

Get control of your corporate energy bills. Use your existing Energy Monitoring System's data, with Alchemy's utility tariff data and analytics engine for cost accrual, cost forecast and bill reconciliation. RECIPE™'s proprietary algorithm learns a facility’s energy pattern to provide you with accurate energy use and cost forecasts aggregated the way you need them. Corporate-wide, campus, building, department or even project, you get the information you need to understand energy costs. RECIPE™’s energy forecast and use data is derived using your independent, revenue grade metering infrastructure.


What happened last night?

Only RECIPE™ gives you the complete picture. No other reporting system provides the quality of service information you need to understand what went on with your facility’s power when the lights flickered and the generators fired up. Site wide Power Quality report? Energy forecast? Capacity? Power Trend? Of course all aggregated the way you need it, one meter does not tell the whole story. Spreadsheets no more, RECIPE™ provides the answers to all your energy and power related questions wherever and whenever you need them.


All electrons are not created equally.

With environmental pressures mounting it’s become a business imperative to mitigate the impact your business has on the environment, RECIPE™ Analytics tracks clean and dirty electrons, providing region wide, even companywide CO2 footprints. RECIPE™ ties the generation source to the meter to provide a more accurate Carbon impact report. RECIPE™’s Carbon Impact report can go straight into your annual report.

Cloud System

Share the analytics results.

The data analytics Alchemy provides is relevant for key personnel in several departments. Your investment in metering and monitoring infrastructure gathers mountains of useful data. Unfortunately, that data is very “meter focused” leaving it isolated and siloed on someone’s desk. Many hours are wasted with error prone spreadsheets to try to aggregate this data into the useful information you need. Alchemy’s technology mines that data to provide business specific actionable information that’s available anywhere, anytime to those who need it to make informed decisions.


Alchemy provides custom services, using our proprietary analytics with your energy data.

Energy Modeling

Want to know what a building would cost to operate in California vs. Oregon? Thinking about 3rd party energy providers? Or analyze the latest utility 'change your rate now' offer? We will take your historic energy data set and let our analytics algorithms sweat on it. You will be amazed at what treasures can be mined from all that data!


Another aspect of Alchemy’s proprietary technology is RECIPE™ Connector. Need to trade data between systems? Export data from your Energy and Power Monitoring System to the Building Management System, no problem. Alchemy’s data connector technology enables data exchange between dispersant systems making it possible to have one view that encompasses all the systems you need to get a complete picture.


If your business is designing, implementing and/or servicing metering and monitoring systems, using RECIPE™ Analytics has many advantages over traditional reporting methods.

Customers will love it!

RECIPE™ Analytics providing provides end-users with the information they need and crave that’s more relevant, aggregated the way they need it and presented in an easier to understand graphical format. Virtual Metering techniques can provide Marco and Micro views customized for your customer’s individual needs. Being Cloud based it available anytime, anywhere to answer the questions they need answered. No user configuration is necessary, relevant information is “pushed” out the end-user they don’t have to hunt for it, making customer adaptation extremely easy.

Great for your business

RECIPE™ Analytics gives your business a recurring revenue opportunity with value added services that customer’s will love. RECIPE™ Analytics is a Software as a Service offering that is offered as a subscription which means you capture new revenue every year and Alchemy takes care of the software. You do not have to deal with software updates or version upgrades ever, those things become customer benefits not sales and service headaches. RECIPE™ Alchemy can take care of updating and maintaining the utility tariffs, another issue less to worry about. Analytics use of secure cloud technology, enables you to update customer’s virtual meter configurations remotely and globally.

Why Systems Integrators?

Configuring the initial set-up requires your specialized system and customer knowledge that’s why Alchemy’s technology and the RECIPE™ Analytics platform is only available from authorized and knowledgeable distributors. Contact us for information on how you can become an authorized Alchemy distributor.

About Us

Alchemy Unlimited, Inc. was formed by Power Engineering veterans with broad and deep experience with system integration, utility supplier management and energy data analytics expertise.

Alchemy was created with customer’s input to fill their need for independent energy and power related data that was easy to understand and access. Alchemy’s RECIPE™ Analytics is now deployed at several facilities in North America providing critical utility information. This data is shared leveraging the installed metering infrastructure to all stakeholders securely and reliably.

Alchemy's flagship RECIPE™ Analytics integrates with market leading building management and energy management systems to leverage existing instrumentation, and meter infrastructure. RECIPE™ provides Key Performance Indicators to define and measure your business success instead of failure.

RECIPE™ Analytics is the premier integrated solution for pushing operational, finance and sustainability data right to your fingertips. Break down those organizational barriers and get the answers you need to understand and control energy use and costs as well as hold your utility responsible for the quality of services they provide.

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